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Auto AC Repair Services in Ipswich, Massachusetts

Beat the heat by visiting our auto shop in Ipswich, Massachusetts, for comprehensive auto AC repair services. Whether it's your air or your engine, when you don't know what's causing the problem, we locate the issue and correct it quickly.

Auto Repairs, Repair Services in Ipswich, MA

Vehicle Tune-ups
Enjoy major and minor tune-ups on all vehicle makes and models. Our tune-ups are performed according to dealer specifications, but cost considerably less. Bring your car in for servicing when it reaches 30,000, 60,000, and 90,000 miles.

AC Repair Services
New Meadows Service offers complete air-conditioning services that include recharges and repairs. If you're system is just blowing out hot air, we'll cool you off in a hurry by finding the problem with our diagnostic services.
Timing Belt Changes
It's vital that your change your timing belt before it snaps and costs you expensive repairs. Our auto shop replaces pumps, and belts. This service is performed at dealer recommended intervals.

Brakes & Exhaust
We put the brakes on exhaust and brake problems. From free brake inspections to complete brake services, we make sure you can stop on a dime when the time comes. We also provide muffler repairs and replacements as well as catalytic converter replacement services.

Car Clutches
New Meadows Service provides complete clutch replacement services and repairs for all makes and models. We replace broken parts with new OEM parts. If your clutch is slipping or chattering, chances are that you need a replacement.

Contact us to request a quote when your AC is dying in the heat of summer.